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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Weather resistant – ideal for repairing leaks
Remains permanently flexible
Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
Guaranteed for up to 10 years
Easy to apply even in wet conditions
Easy to apply
10 year guarantee

EVO-STIK Weatherproof Roof & Gutter Sealant is a gun applied rubberised, oil based sealant that provides a long lasting weatherproof seal. The sealant is a semi-drying product and remains predominantly in a soft paste like condition. The nature of the product ensures excellent adhesion to most surfaces and can be used in direct contact with asphalt and bituminous roofing materials.

EVO-STIK Weatherproof Roof & Gutter Sealant is ideal for external sealing joints in gutters, roofing sheets and other similar applications. EVO-STIK Weatherproof Roof & Gutter Sealant is suitable for lap joints where it will maintain a weather proof seal even in very thin sections when applied between two non-porous sheet materials which are mechanically fixed together.

Suitable materials: Plastic, tiles, asphalt and bituminous roofing materials.

Sizes: C20 cartridge (SKU 30811726)

Colour: Black

Frequently Asked Questions


10.5 linear metres of 6mm diameter bead per C20 cartridge 

8.5m using 6mm square joint (channel)

8.5m using 12mm fillet bead (face width)

The exposed surface of the sealant becomes tack-free a few days after application, while the bulk of the sealant remains in a soft pliable condition.

It slowly ‘oxidises’ to form a thin skin in a few days and slowly hardens through over the following weeks and months. It will be unaffected by rain as soon as it is applied and tooled.

Carefully scrape away as much as is possible with a spatula until a very thin film remains. Then use a cloth lightly dampened with white spirit to remove the residue.