Floor levelling compound

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Super-smooth level floor finish
Excellent coverage and self-smoothing properties
Fast drying, takes foot traffic after 8 hours
Can be laid up to 6mm in a single pour
Fast Setting

Evo-Stik Technik Floor Leveling Compound is a protein free, cement-based, sub-floor smoothing underlayment that has been formulated to provide a smooth level to sub-floors prior to laying of decorative floor coverings. This compound will improve the appearance and extend the life of all modern floor coverings as well as giving a considerable saving on the amount of adhesive necessary to bond the floor covering to the substrate.

Evo-Stik Technik Floor Levelling Compound is suitable for floor levelling up to a maximum depth of 6mm on concrete sub-floors. Depths of more than 6mm with require an alternative “thick-bed” levelling compound from the Evo-Stik Technik range.

Suitable materials: Suitable for use on concrete sub-floors and cement/sand screeds

Sizes: 20kg bag (SKU 30810395)

Composition: Portland cement blend

Colour: Grey


Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage is dependent on the depth of floor leveler being applied however for a 3mm deep underlayment a single 20kg bag will cover up to 4 square metres.

Evo-Stik Technik floor levelling compound is unsuitable for wooden subfloors; should not be used with an underfloor heating system and is not recommended as a final wearing floor finishing material.


The Safety Data Sheet for this product is available on an external website. Follow the link to download.